Best libraries in Belgium

If you are a bookworm and you arrive in Belgium, you will certainly get to love this country. Home of numerous famous writers such as Georges Simenon, Amelie Nothomb, Maurice Maeterlinck, Hugo Claus, Marguerite Yourcenar, Louis Paul Boon and Dimitri Verhulst, Belgium is a the perfect place for a cultural trip. Take a tour around the best libraries in Belgium with a gorgeous escort and you will certainly be charmed by these magnificent reading rooms and study rooms!

Stroll between books in Belgium

If you stop in Antwerp, visiting the Plantin-Moretus Printing Museum is a must. Although it is not quite a library, this museum is an UNESCO world heritage site that houses about 30,000 volumes of old and rare editions. If you enter this building you will see the majestic residence and offices of the printers Jan Moretus and Christophe Moretus as well as two of the oldest printing presses in the world. If you and your companion would like to read or study in this building, you have access to a nice and welcoming reading room.

Over 500 years ago, when a group of clerks donated 41 volumes as cultural heritage, it was founded the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library in Antwerp. In current days, this collection of Antwerp and Flemish culture heritage possesses over one million volumes. Enter this amazing library and try not to miss Nottebohm Room, which is a spectacular stack room and exhibition hall with impressive décor, dark wood shelves and ancient globes that will mesmerize your eyes.

After visiting Antwerp you have to travel to Brussels, the capital of Belgium. Discover the Library of the National Bank of Belgium, this bright place – yes, it lets the natural light in – that looks so different from the dark and cozy nooks of the old libraries. A fantastic glass-domed ceiling, majestic staircase and open colonnades will catch the eye in this library located in the center of Brussels. Whether you are or not a bookworm, the architecture of this building will inspire you and your ravishing companion will be as enchanted as you.

Does your companion enjoy reading?

Solvay Library is tucked away in the middle of Leopold Park in Brussels and it is one of the most delightful libraries in Belgium. This architectural gem has a classical exterior that covers a masterfully crafted interior made of wrought iron, precious wood, stained glass and mosaics in full Belle Époque style. Although it currently is as an event and meeting space, Solvay Library still worth being visited if you appreciate the architectural treasures from all over the world. Venture around this mesmerizing building with your lovely companion and it will be a cultural experience to remember.

Whether you are or not a bookworm, you will enjoy visiting the best libraries within Belgium. Take your time admiring the massive collections of rare books, notice the charming architectural details and wander around halls where peace and quiet dominate the space. Enjoy this relaxing trip to Belgium and spend a wonderful experience in the company of an attractive Brussels escort!